The beginning

In the office, examine the desk and pick up all the items you’ll find there. This way, you’ll get a magnifying glass, a paper knife, a fang shard, a peanuts bag and an empty vial.
Leave the office and go to the Trembling Stars, the night club owned by Little Big Bog. It’s useless to talk to Molestia right now; the only useful information you could get from him is that the night is still closed.
Go to the side alley and examine the area: you’ll find an old, rusty battery. Pick it up.
Go to the office and look at the lopsided paint to find out there is a safe hidden there.
The safe is broken, but you’ll need the money inside it. To open the safe, use the old battery on the vial: this way, you’ll pour the acid inside it, obtaining an acid vial.
Use the acid vial to open the safe and get the money.
Go to the police station and talk to Hyevni; try to ask him about Daphne, and you’ll find out he is reluctant to tell anything.
Use the money on Hyevni then talk to him again.
Ask about Daphne, asking where she lives. He will give you the address.

Daphne’s apartment

Go to Daphne’s apartment; force the door using the fang shard.
Once inside, examine the wallpaper and then use the paperknife on it to reveal a hidden place; once you get the necklace and the key, examine the glass shards on the floor.
Use the magnifying glass on the shards to get a tissue sample.
Leave Daphne’s apartment and go to Doc Mipihdas’s laboratory. Talk to him and ask him to examine the items you just found.
He will tell you to wait until he ends the exams; while waiting, go to the Trembling Stars: now the night is open, but still you won’t be admitted to get in.
Go on the side alley to find a sick boy. Trying to talk to him will be useless, but you’ll realize he knows Daphne. Show him the photo to get his attention and tell him you’re looking for Daphne. Now go back to the entrance and talk to Molestia: Mobbett Cross will help you to get in.
Now you’re inside.

The assault

Talk to everybody in the room to get an idea of the place. Talking to Trixel, the bargirl, will be very useful to get some clues.
After a while, you’ll realize to be stuck; like Mr. Gilbert suggest you in his thoughts, go back to your office.
A man will try to kill you: to defeat him, the right order of action is:
1. Use your power on the gun
2. Manipulate the bullet’s shell
3. Hit the knife’s hilt with your tentacles
After the hit-man goes away, you’ll get an unexploded explosive bullet and a bone knife.
Go to the laboratory: now it’s time to get the powerful narcotic Doc Miphidas keeps on his shelf.
Use the bullet on the crematorium to distract him; while Doc is looking for the explosion, take the narcotic.
Leave the laboratory and go to the Trembling stars, then go inside.

The Trembling Stars

In the club, if you tried to speak to Dwyll, the old alcoholic, you’ll notice that he continues swallowing the peanuts in front of him.
Examine the location, then use the narcotic peanuts on the bar peanuts; soon, Dwyll will eat them and fall asleep.
Search him and you’ll find LBB’s office key.
Go to the corridor, use LBB’s key on the office door, and get inside.
Examine the room, examine the desk and read the register and the occult little book to gather information about LBB. You’ll notice that the desk appears to hide something.
Go back where you can examine the desk, and use the paper knife on it: you’ll find a secret drawer.
Examine it to find some very interesting letters and read them.
Go back to the main room and talk to LBB. Talk him about your powers and tell him you can read his blood.
After you spoke with him, go to speak to Trixel.
Try to leave the night and you’ll find out you can’t go through the main door: someone is looking for you!

To the Manzaran

Go to the back corridor, then to the baths. Examine the room and pick up the used syringe. Open the WC door and use the syringe on the passed out drunkard.
Now examine the small window to find out there is a man waiting for us outside.
Use the blood filled syringe on the small window to get rid of him. Go back to the corridor and use the backdoor, then go away.
Go to the police and tell to Hyevni about the man who tried to kill you. He’ll ask you some clues. Show him the knife, than give him the whisky bottle to get some information: he’ll tell you about the Manzaran.
Go to the Manzaran, examine the door and interact with the door slit. You’ll find out you need something to get in.
Go to your office: you’ll find Miss Malaguard waiting for you.
Talk to her to get more information. Go to the laboratory and talk to Doc Miphidas to know what he found out about the necklace and the sample you gave him.
Go back to the Manzaran, talk again to the door slit and tell it that ‘you’re qualified to get in’.
Now use the necklace on the door slit and you’ll get in.



The Manzaran bar

Talk to the barman. Ask him about Morax, telling him you’d like to hire him.
Ask him about Mentzen to find out you’ll need some “incentives” to get more info.
Ask him about the hooker, asking him who is her pimp, and why he makes her work there.
Close the dialogue, give him some money, and then ask him again about Mentzen to understand the way he cheats.
Go to talk to the shady guy, asking his name; you’ll decide he could be useful to you, if you find out his true identity.
Talk to Bullock and ask him about the shady guy to get the first clue.
Talk to the hooker; ask her name, telling her you have someone to help.
Go to the toilet and step in the quarrel (do this only if you already spoke to Bullock about the pimp).
To close the quarrel tell:
1. Try to menace him.
2. I know who you are, Roscoe.
3. Throw in Old Mama’s name.
4. Negotiate with him
5. Tell him you have very dangerous friends.
Now Mylenda will be friendly to you. Pick up the chewed gum and the dirty towel, then go back to the bar.
Talk to the players; ask them about Morax, then speak to them again, asking about the shady guy.
Talk to Mylenda and ask her about the shady guy and about Mentzen.
Talk to the shady guy. Ask him why he went away for 10 years, then ask him every question you can about his past. Talk again to him, asking about Mentzen.
Go to the toilets and use the bone knife on the mirror to get a mirror shard.
Use the chewed gum with the mirror shard, then place the sticky mirror on the bar. IMPORTANT! YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO DO IT UNTIL YOU GET SHADOW GUY’S REAL IDENTITY AND YOU TALK TO HIM ABOUT MENTZENT!!!
Now talk to the players and join the game.
Once you win, you’ll get Morax address.

Entering Morax’s den

Interact with the dartboard to get a dart. Talk to Roscoe and distract him to get the lighter, and then leave.
Go to your office and speak with Mobbett.
Leave the office and go to Cross Manor. Pick up the shining penny from the ground.
Use the paperknife with the tarpaulin to get a piece of dark blanket.
Ring the doorbell to meet Edwynn Cross. Tell him to “cut the play” and you’ll find yourself in his studio.
Pick up the dark bottle.
To get the spring device interact with the display cabinet: to get through it, say:
1. Very interesting!
2. Really? Go on, please!
3. No way! And that?
4. Fascinating!
5. I can hardly believe it!
Leave Cross Manor and go to Morax house.
Mr. Gilbert will tell you that you’ll need some tools and suggest you to go at Samma’s shop.
Go to Samma’s shop; talk to Samma and buy everything.
Go to Morax house.
Use the dirty towel with the oil slick.
Interact with the gate to find out there is a lock outside it.
Use the wire cutter with the lock.
Use the dart with the dark bottle to get a “black dart”. Use it on the watch beast.
Use the lighter with the stretched thread.
Use the wire cutter on the barbed wire.
Use the picklock on the door.
Now let’s prepare to meet Morax again!

A mysterious voice.

After you will have listened at Morax’s phone call, the choices to defeat him are:
1. Behind a sofa
2. Wait
3. Wait
4. Jump on him
5. Hit his wrist
6. Take advantage of the push…
Now you’re pursuing him.
Use the picklock with the cabin’s door. Use the screwdriver with the crane control panel.
Morax will finally tell you who his instigator is.
Go to Samma and ask her about Andreas Phelph.
Go to the Red Temple and speak to the caretaker: you’ll find out you have to get rid of him to reach Mister Phelph.
Go to the office and pick up the note on the floor, and examine it.
Go to the docks.
Use the empty vial with the vile puddle to get a sewage vial.
Give the dark bottle to the hobo to get a pair of old gloves.
Leave and go to the Red Temple. Use the sewage vial with the spring device to get a stinky bomb. Use the bomb with the caretaker.
Now try to talk to Mr. Phelph, to find out he has no will to speak with you.
Go back to the docks: now the phone is ringing.
Answer the call; ask to the unknown voice all the available questions to unlock the last one (how are you going to help?) and ask it. You’ll find out many interesting things.

Closer to the truth

Pick up the photo.
Go to the red temple and use it with Phelph. IMPORTANT to go through this dialogue, you must have asked to Mick the Blade all the questions you could about his past.
To overcome this dialogue the right choices are:
1. Tell him about Mick the Blade
2. Because he’s hunting you down
3. The traitor was the only one with Marcell that night
4. He already has you on his list
5. Is he Faust, isn’t he?
6. Mick doesn’t give a damn
7. I’ll trust my partner
Now you have the information you were looking for.
Go to Cross Manor and interact with the flowerbed.
Go to Samma, talk to her and ask her for a mask. Buy it with the shiny penny.
Use the paperknife on the mask to perfect it.
Go to your office and answer the phone.
Go to the Manzaran and speak to Bullock, asking him about Morax.
Use the oil soaked towel with the vodka bottle.
Leave and go to random destinations until the monster will attack you.
Choose ‘time to fight’ and ‘yeah, GO KILL IT!’
Use the barbed wire on the monster’s legs.
Use the bone knife on the monster’s claws.
Use the improvised Molotov on the monster’s head.
Now you have all that you need for your disguise.
Go to the Manzaran and go to the dungeons door.
Talk to the guardians.
Use the green key on the elevator.



To leave the Manzaran

To leave the Manzaran, you have to reach two goals: you have to get in the sanctuary, to find out if Daphne is there, and to gain more information about Judas Lee.
To get in the sanctuary, you have to convince all the cultist to call for a speech; to do so:
Talk to the Fat Cultist:
1. Ask him about the grandmaster
2. Do we need to wait a lot more?
Talk to the Tall Cultist:
1. Ask him about the grandmaster
2. Is something going to happen?
3. When will he speak?
Talk to the Friendly Cultist:
1. Ask him about the grandmaster
2. Encourage him to find out
Talk to the Familiar Cultist:
1. Ask him about the grandmaster
Talk to the Nervous Cultist:
1. Ask him why is he nervous.
Go to the statues place, interact with all the statues, then go back to the Nervous Cultist, saying:
1. Tell him what the statues told you.
As soon as he leaves for the statues places, take the Ornamental Plate; reach the statues place and talk again to the Shocked Cultist:
1. Suggest he goes back to the hall.
Now, all the cultists should be asking for a speech; go upstairs, to the balcony; talk to the grandmaster to begin the speech.
Use the lighter on the curtains.
Get in the sanctuary.
Use the Ornamental Plate on the lightening seal.
Examine the altar.
Use the paperknife on the Ebony box.
Now, you know Daphne is not in the Manzaran; so you’ll need more information to go on!
Talk again to the cultists; talk to the Fat Cultist asking him about Judas Lee.
Talk to the Tall Cultist asking him about the grandmaster, and what is he afraid of.
Talk to the Friendly Cultist asking him about Judas Lee.
Now you’ll be able to leave the Manzaran.

A private conversation

Leave the Manzaran.
Go to the Myosotis.
Examine the garbage to take the Broken Cage.
Use Daphne’s photo on the door.
Get inside.
Go to the kitchen.
Take the Cheese and the Grease.
Get out and go back to the Manzaran.
Use the screwdriver to fix the Broken Cage.
Use the Cheese on the Fixed Cage.
Use the mousetrap on the Mouse Hole.
Go back to the Myosotis.
Go in the kitchen.
Use the Trapped Mouse on the Cook.
Go to the corridor.
Examine the Main hall.
Talk to the waitress, asking her anything about the singer.
Use the Picklock on the utility door.
Get inside the utility room.
Use the Screwdriver on the bolted boxes.
Use the Wire Cutter on the Old Grating.
Now we know LBB is in danger: we must help him!

The great escape

In the Myosotis’ utility room, take the fireworks.
Go to your office.
Speak to Mobbett.
Go to the police station.
Talk to Hyevni.
Give him the Old Relic.
Go to the back wall.
Click on the small window to speak to LBB.
Go to the Trembling Stars.
Speak to Molestia.
Go to Doc Miphidas’ Lab.
Talk to Doc Miphidas, asking him for an explosive.
Give him the Hell Crystal.
Go to the police station, then to the back wall.
Use the Explosive Device on the wall.
Go to the entrance.
Use the Fireworks on the garbage can.
Use the lighter on the fireworks in the garbage can.
Now LBB is free… but the question remains: where is Daphne?

Sneaking on the docks

In Trixel’s flat, take the Hairspray.
Talk to LBB, asking him about Daphne, and then about Judas Lee.
Talk to Trixel, asking her about Daphne.
Leave the apartment and go to the docks.
Go to the path.
Use the wall to hide.
Go to the pier.
Use the wirecutter on the chain.
Take the Rope, and then the Stone.
Go back.
Use the Stone on the barrel.
Use the container to sneak behind the gangsters.
Use the Screwdriver on the grid.
Use the drain to bypass the gangsters.
Use the Oblivion Powder on the gangsters.
Use the hairspray on the alarm system.
Use the Wire Cutter on the wire.
Use the Picklock on the lock.
Get in, and talk to the smuggler.

The cemetery

Go to the Myosotis.
In the utility room, use the Bone Knife on the Broom.
Go to the cemetery.
Use the Hook on the Rope.
Use the grappling hook on the wall.
Use the magnifying glass on the grass.
Use the magnifying glass on the gravestone.
Use the magnifying glass on the crypt wall.
Click on the statue.
You’ll start a fight with Mentzen.
To win, the right choices are:
1. Hide behind a gravestone
2. Crawl away
3. Examine the large gravestone
4. Push the gravestone
5. Use the screwdriver (or the improvised lever) as leverage
6. Run toward the trees…
7. Rush to your side…
8. Hide behind a tree
9. Set a trap
10. Slowly walk back…
11. Fake your surrender
12. Wait for him to hand the gun…
13. Use the hairspray
Once Mentzen is no more a danger, use the Wire on the Wooden Stick.
Use the Screwdriver on the Wired Stick.
Examine the angel statue.
Use the Grease on the angel statue.
Use the Improvised Lever on the angel statue.



First aid

To remove the bullet:
Sterilize the paperknife using the lighter on it, and then use the sterilized paperknife on Daphne to remove the bullet from her wound.
To disinfect the wound:
Use the bone knife on the wall to get the brick. Go to the corridor, and use the brick on the ancient scale. Do it three times.
Pick up the old plate, and use the brick on it to make it an improvised bucket.
Use the old plate with the grappling hook.
Go back to Daphne.
Use the hooked bucket on the well to recover the disinfectant.
Use it on Daphne to wash her wound.
To bandage Daphne:
Interact with Daphne’s suitcase to pick up a silk blouse.
Use the bone knife on the silk blouse to get a silk bandage.
Use the silk bandage on Daphne.
Now you’ll be able to leave the crypt.

Finding the stone

Leave the crypt and head to Trixel’s flat; after the dialogue, you’ll find yourself at Cross Manor.
Before you leave, be sure to talk to LBB about his next moves, and pick up the radio in the bedroom (where Daphne is sleeping).
Go back to the crypt, reaching the room where you found Daphne.
Use the improvised lever on the stone bench to recover a flashlight.
Use the paperknife on the radio to get some batteries.
Use the batteries on the flashlight to power it.
Now you’ll be able to get inside the dark room in the crypt.
There, interact with the crack in the wall to reveal a mechanical device. Use the improvised lever on the mechanical device to reveal the mosaic.
Interact with the mosaic to begin a puzzle mini game.
Once you resolve it, you’ll see a recess. Interact with it to recover the Caos Heart.

Meet the Lucky Guy

Leave the crypt and go back to Cross Manor.
Talk to Daphne, using every possible dialogue option; now, you’ll be requested to find the Lucky Guy, whose name now you’ll find out.
Once you get the information you need from Daphne, leave Cross Manor and go to your office.
After a dialogue, you’ll meet Lora Malaguard once again.
After you spoke with her, pick up the water bottle on the table and leave.
Return to your office; once there, interact with the dead bodies to find a crowbar.
Go to the junkyard.
A very big dog will block your path; to get rid of it, you’ll have to set up a trap. To do so:
Put the crowbar under the metal crate.
Cut the chains with the wire cutter.
Use the grappling hook on the crowbar.
Use the improvised lever on the dog.
Follow the path.
Near the shack, interact with the alarm system to deactivate it.
Pick up the shovel.
Use the wire cutter on the lock, then interact with the door to open it.
Use the magnifying glass on the floor, and then use the water bottle on the floor.
Now interact with the trapdoor to meet the Lucky Guy.
After the dialogue, leave the shack.
After another dialogue, you’ll find yourself at Cross Manor.

The Myosotis by night

Leave and go to Doc Miphidas lab.
Give the Manzaran Necklace to Doc; he’ll offer you a stethoscope, tell him it’s ok and get it.
Go to the Myosotis.
Use the crowbar on the back door and get in.
Go to the utility room.
Use the grease on the air passage.
Interact with the air passage.
Now you’ll be in Lee’s office. To find his safe:
1. Use the flashlight on the darkness.
2. Use the paperknife on the cocktail-cabinet.
3. Use the stethoscope on the safe.
Interact with the door.
Try to leave: you’ll have a interesting dialogue with Mist.
To escape Mist, the options to choose are:
1. One of the first six sentences.
2. Ask her all of the available questions, then ‘Guess her true will’.
3. Bluff about the stone.
4. Stab her with the knife.
After you escape her, you’ll be in the city map.

The ritual

In Lee’s safe you found his diary, two bags of money and a plastic badge.
Examine Lee’s diary; select ‘Look for the ritual he’s trying to complete’, and then ‘Look how to ‘neutralize’ the Caos Heart’.
Now you know the ingredients you’ll need.
Go to the cemetery.
Use the shovel on the graves to get the human skull.
Go to the junkyard.
Use the shovel on the junk pile to get the rubber chicken.
Go to the Trembling Stars.
Use the keys on the door and get inside.
Pick up the nice magnet and the narcotic peanuts.
Go to the Red Temple.
Give a bag of money to the man at the door.
Use the nice magnet on the roulette to get the dice.
Now you have all you need to perform the ritual. Mr. Gilbert will do it on his own once you’ll get inside the Manzaran dungeons.

How to get inside!

Go to the attic.
Speak to Lora Malaguard to get her help; to do so, the options to choose are:
1. ‘Offer her an arrangement’
2. ‘Offer to finish the job for her’
After the dialogue ends, go to the Manzaran.
Speak to Mylenda, asking her to call out Mick the Blade.
Speak to Mick the Blade, asking his help. To persuade him, choose these options:
1. ‘Tell him you have useful information’
2. ‘The traitor was Phelph’
3. ‘Phelph is dead’
4. ‘Lee is Faust!’
He’ll ask for an evidence of what you’re saying.
Go back to the attic and speak to Lora.
Tell her about Mick: she’ll give you a golden ring.
Go to the Manzaran and speak to Mick.
Choose the ‘About what I said to you earlier…’ option, then say ‘I have this ring…’
Now you’ll get his help!
Go to the alley near the Manzaran.
Use the narcotic peanuts on the two headed squirrel.
Interact with the old and heavy closet; you aren’t able to remove it, for now.
To remove it, go to Doc Laboratory, and speak with him.
Choose the options:
1. ‘Ask for help’
2. ‘I need some more explosives’
3. ‘I need something to demolish an old closet.’
4. ‘Give him money’
Now you have a CHAINSAW!
Go to the alley and use the chainsaw on the old closet.
Use the crowbar on the manhole.
Get inside the sewer.
To open the power panel, use the crowbar or the bone knife on it.
To activate it, use LBB ring on the power grid.
To activate the keypad for the elevator, use the plastic card on it.
To find out the combination for the keypad, examine Lee’s diary.
Browse it: a page will fall down.
Examine the page, then browse the diary once again.
If you still don’t figure out the combination, you just have to count the number of letters in every word of the sentence on the page; those are the code numbers.
Insert them, then interact with the elevator.
If you completed the ritual and convinced Mick, you’ll go on!

Inside the Manzaran

You’ll find yourself in the entrance corridor. Interact with the elevator to find Mick.
Go to the main hall, then to the stairs.
Speak with the Grandmaster and choose the option:
1. ‘Tell him you know his identity’
2. ‘I’m Mister Gilbert’
You can ask him whatever you want; if you’re in a hurry, choose:
1. ‘Back about business…’
After the dialogue, you’ll find yourself in the sanctuary.
Interact with the altar.
Interact with the Portal.
Now, interacting with the portal again will start another minigame.
To solve it, you have to align the ‘power lines’ you’ll see on the screen. To make things harder, the Heartless Maker will try to hinder you, moving some of the ‘rings’ clockwise or counterclockwise.
He will do it with a predefined pattern: if you’ll be able to understand it, you’ll be able to defeat it!
Once you solve the puzzle, you’ll be in the sanctuary once again.
Leave the room and enjoy Mr. Gilbert destructive rampage.
When the cut scene will be over, you’ll have to defeat Mist.
In order to do so:
Go to the sanctuary.
Interact with the dead guards to get some tinder.
Go to the balcony and pick up the spear.
Go to the main hall and interact with the beverages on the left to get some root beer.
Go to the entrance and pick up the golden statue (the one in the middle).
Go to the statues room.
Use the tinder on the brazier.
Use the root beer on the brazier.
Use the golden statue on the brazier.
Use the lighter on the brazier.
Use the spear on the door.
Use the bone knife on the brazier.

Enjoy the epilogue!


Luca Porrino

Luca was raised by an engineers tribe, which teach him to function like a clockwork device. After years of research, he finally developed a mechanical brain, and he's now part of the Matrix. Also, he practices medieval swordfighting and doesn't give up a chance to tell it to everyone he meets. He's the functional brain of the Expera Game Studio.

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