To a human being, it is phisically impossible to read, write or say his original name. He decided, since a long time, to just go under the name of Mr. Gilbert.

Little Ancient, a race of alien creatures, which a human mind couldn’t even try to understand, if not under a severe case of delirium.

A tiny office, where he lives and works, deep within Mavropolis suburbs. Although it’s a poor place, it’s his home, now.

Private detective.
For a reasonable fee, Mr. Gilbert could take many cases: missing people or animals, blackmails, stalking, information recovery; still, almost never marital infedelity, because is a thing he doesn’t care about.

Main characteristics:
Cinical, thoughtful and cautious, he always think about his action’s consequences.
He faces any trouble with patience and reason, always trying to do the right thing, no matter how hard it will be.
He can perceive Caos over his world’s boundaries, moving his mind across the universes.
He doesn’t need to sleep, to eat or to drink, even if he could do that, if he wanted to.

Here’s looking at you.

Redemption for his previous life’s mistakes. To achieve this goal, Mr. Gilbert constantly tries to help those who are in need, trying to become a better person.

– A wide arsenal of psychic powers, which let him to influence, to confuse, to alter memories or to control actions of a mortal mind. A mind’s vulnerability to such powers can vary from a subject to another.
– A keen, opened mind, which he uses to find fast and brilliant solutions to any danger.
– An unstoppable will.

– He can’t use firearms, drive vehicles nor use some other technologies; that’s because of his tentacles, but also for a secret reason.
– He forces himself to not harm others, if not to defend his own life.
– He can’t leave Mavropolis, and he’s bounded to strange rules, because of his previous life.

A draft for Mr. Gilbert. By now, I should be able to draw it MUCH better than that. We’ll see it!

He loves:
– His office.
– His hat.
– A well-closed case.
– Mavropolis.

he hates:
– Violent scoundrels, mobsters, criminal minds and so on.
– His own past.
– An unsolved case.
– Mavropolis.

Key quote:
“After all, it is but a matter of Caos”.


To learn more about Mr. Gilbert, follow this link.

Eli Daddio

Eli is the last heir of an ancient Planetary Empire. His real father, Emperor Qwilkgon'x3, had to left his family to fight a terrible war against a horde made by rabid hipsters. The young prince, left alone, fell in a quantic hole and had to go through a long path of adventures, which involved tragedies, loves, space travel, time travel, a comicon, a duel with himself and a weekend in Disneyland. Thanks to all of his adventures, the young Eli was capable of developing a great fantasy and the ability to draw very poor drawings. He'd like to go on a diet, but the diet doesn't like him. Life is harsh. He is the artistic mind of the Expera Game Studio.

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