Welcome to the Ancient Egypt and its mysteries!
To become the greatest pharaoh, you just have to create an immortal kingdom, pyramid after pyramid!
To begin, whip your first slave to make him build a pyramid: pyramids will grant you GLORY, which you’ll be able to spend to get many improvements!
Yellow improvements, like the slave driver, will whip the slaves for you, increasing the pyramid building speed!
Blue improvements, like the odalisques, will increase your glory gaining, so that you’ll be able to buy more improvements!
Red improvements, like the soldiers, will expand your empire, conquering lands, to provide you many more slaves (to build pyramids).
Green improvements, like the improved whip, will enhance the power of your whip, making your click power much greater!
Also, don’t forget the blessings in the temple: they will greatly improve all of your improvements!
Build pyramids, gain glory, and become the Eternal Pharaoh to rule all over the world!

Play it on Kongregate.

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