In the Four Kingdoms, a troubled region in a distant world, necromancy and dark magic are feared and despised.
A young and powerful necromancer, however, wants to show to his country that necromancy isn’t necessarily an ‘evil’ art; to reach such goal, he’s going to help people and solve quests by using his skills and, well, an undead army.
“Necromancer’s Quest” is a turn-based strategy game: build and expand your necropolis, gather resources, raise undead soldiers, complete quests and defend yourself from enemy incursions to show the world that there can be a good necromancer!

Play it on Kongregate.

NOTE: The game is still a beta version; it could be largely modified in the next weeks, and we’ll do our best to improve it with any feedback. The story itself is just a ‘premise’ for a much larger one. During the beta we’ll just implement minor fixes and balancing issues; for the bigger fix, we’ll work on an ultimate version to release in the future.

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