We’re very happy to announce the release of Act III of ‘A Tale of Caos: Overture’ on Steam! You can download the free DLC here.

Didn’t you buy the game yet? Don’t worry, you can buy it here.

With the Act III update will be added this functionality:

  • Added 2 hours of gameplay.
  • Added 9 new playable game screens.
  • Added 7 new interactable characters.

Cheers and keep having fun!

Luca Porrino

Luca was raised by an engineers tribe, which teach him to function like a clockwork device. After years of research, he finally developed a mechanical brain, and he's now part of the Matrix. Also, he practices medieval swordfighting and doesn't give up a chance to tell it to everyone he meets. He's the functional brain of the Expera Game Studio.

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