‘A Matter of Time’ is a small room escape game, which meants to be a ‘playable teaser trailer’ for another game: ‘A Matter of Caos: No Rest for the Wicked’. In ‘A Matter of Time’ you’ll be able to guide once again Mr. Gilbert, our favorite private eye: someone, for some reason, kidnapped him, and now he’ll need your help to get free before it’s too late!
What’s happening in Mavropolis, this time? Why do so many people want Mr. Gilbert dead? Will he get paid this time?
These and many other truths will be revealed… if our new AMOC adventure will see the light!

We developed ‘A Matter of Time’ to promote our Kickstarter project to make a new great, unique adventure for Mr. Gilbert. If you liked it, and if you liked the first AMOC installment, follow us and help us to make this story come true!

Play it on Kongregate.
Play it on Newgrounds.
Play it on Game Jolt.

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