“In the beginning, there was nothing but a single spark of light, lying alone in the center of an empty unviverse. Then, it all begun…”

 ALEPH is not a game. It could remind you of a Zen Garden, as well as it could resemble a sandbox. Start your own universe, setting its vastity, and start your personal Creation with nothing but a spark of light.
You’ll be able to duplicate, split or merge your elements, or to transmute them in something else, in something new.
You could decide to draw something, to forge whole worlds, filling the void.
Take your time: in ALEPH there aren’t scoring or goals. Just relax, play with the elements and shape an universe following your desires.

The game has been developed in 72 hours for the” Game Jolt GDC Jam” 2016. The theme of the Jam was “Nuovo”.

The game is an ongoing project and it may be subject to changes.

Play it on Game Jolt.

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