How to meet McMaster

You’ll begin in front of McMaster main gate.
1.    Use the multitool on the ornamental plate.
2.    Go to the sideway.
3.    Examine the rock.
4.    Go to the vegetable garden.
5.    Take the pumpkin.
6.    Take the super spicy chili peppers.
7.    Take the psychedelic apple.
8.    Go to the sideway.
9.    Use the pumpkin on the rock to break its bark.
10.    Use the ornamental plate on the pumpkin pulp to gather it.
11.    Go to the path and then to the road.
12.    Use the plate full of tasty pulp on the lazy gwimboln.
13.    Take the wood plank.
14.    Go to McMaster’s place and then to the sideway.
15.    Use the wood plank on the rock to make an improvised catapult.
16.    Use the super spicy hot peppers on the alchemy portable set to make some eco-fuel.
17.    Use the eco-fuel on the eco-engine to power it.
18.    Use the improvised catapult to finally meet McMaster.

The quest for McMaster

1.    Talk to McMaster and learn about the quest you’ll have to complete.
2.    Try to take the rope in McMaster’s room. He will try to stop you: just insist. The dialogue options to choose are:
– Please, could I borrow…
– But I’ll need it!
– But it could help me…
– But… pleeease…
– Very tiny please? …
– But you just said…
3.    Talk to McMaster, asking him about the mission; you’ll need to make him the right questions to know about a useful character. The dialogue options to choose are:
– Could we speak about my mission?
– About the whatever-name-is-that-tree cortex…
– Any suggestion…
– Could I have some gloves…
– Do you have a homunculus?
– How could he help me?
Apart from that, ask him about anything else: it could help you to figure out some other puzzles.
4.    Go to the door to return in front of the main gate.
5.    Use the Multitool on the voluminous banner.
6.    Talk to Heimlich and ask him to do something for you: ask him to take the pulley for you.
7.    Go to the road.

First trip on the mountain: getting a saw!

8.    Go to the Stonbone Mountain.
9.    Follow the path and then go to the right track.
10.    Take the unknown wastes: Terry will be sceptic about taking them, but you’ll just have to insist about it.
11.    Speak to Shopenauer the troll. The right dialogue options are:
– Hello to you.
– You are very friendly!
– How come…
– I’d like to become your friend!
– What do you do here?
– How is it going?
– Maybe later…
– I should go now…
12.    Give the delicious snack to Shopenauer the Troll.
13.    Talk again to Shopenauer the Troll to get his saw. This time, the options to choose are:
– Hello to you!
– What do you do here?
– Do you have a hobby?
– Tell me about the woodworking…
– Could I borrow your saw?
– YES! Let’s begin!
– Here you can choose anything, it won’t change the results.
– Could we change the rules?
14.    Speak to the goat. Just keep talking to it until it speaks back to you. Go forward to the end of the dialogue.
15.    Give to the goat the psychedelic apple to recover a goat bell.
16.    Return to the road.

The bandit in the forest and a bottle of rum.

17.    Go to the Boring Forest.
18.    Try to take the branch. To take it, you’ll have to surpass a philosophical dialogue: the right choices are:
– Take the branch.
– Yes. Take it.
– We respect your feelings…
19.    Go to the path forward.
20.    Use the saw on the thick branch to take it.
21.    Go to the right path to meet the bandit.
22.    Talk to the bandit to gain an old map. To get it, the right choices are:
– I’m sorry for…
– Did you ever consider…
– Ask about his past.
– Tell me, I’m curious.
– Well… sure…
– Ehm, very interesting…
– Did you ever find the crate?
– I think you should throw…
– Now I really have to go…
23.    Take the rolled map.
24.    Go to the right path.
25.    Take the liquor bottle.
26.    Show the bandit map to Heimlich to find out where to dig – although, you’ll have no way to dig for now.
27.    Use the branch and the thick branch in your inventory together. You’ll need the cloth strip (point #5) to get a prolonged stick.
28.    Use the troll wastes vial on the alchemy portable set to get an all-living repellent ™.
29.    Use the all-living repellent on the beehive.
30.    Use the prolonged stick on the beehive to get the honey.
31.    Go back to the road.

Explosions and monkeys

32.    Go to the Stonbone mountain, reaching Shopenauer’s place.
33.    Use the saw on the rushes. It will stuck there.
34.    Use the liquor bottle with the alchemy portable set.
35.    Use the eco-fuel with the eco-engine to power it again.
36.    Use the powered eco-engine with the stuck saw.
37.    Go back to the road.
38.    Go to the Bighrail swamps.
39.    Use the reed bundle on the slurry stream.
40.    To get the venomous bug, talk to Heimlich and ask him to get it.
41.    Go to the path on the right.
42.    Talking to the Old Ksharna the witch you could find out that she misses her puppy.
43.    Go to the left path.
44.    Take the rare sweet fruit.
45.    Go to the left path.
46.    Use the Multitool on the old machinery.
47.    Take the metal sheet.
48.    Go back to the road.
49.    Go to the Boring forest, reaching the place where the X spot stands.
50.    Use the metal sheet with the X spot.
51.    Take the crate full of very dangerous explosives.
52.    Go back to the road.
53.    Go to the Stonbone Mountain. Follow the path until you meet the boulders wall.
54.    Use the crate full of very dangerous explosives on the boulders wall.
55.    Pick up the small stones.
56.    Go back to the road.
57.    Go to the Boring Forest.
58.    Use the small stones on the monkey on the tree.
59.    Take the monkey puppet.
60.    Go back to the road.

Recover the little creature (and the ooze too)

61.    Go to the Bighrail swamps, where the Old Ksharna the witch stands.
62.    Use the monkey puppet on a random place to set up a decoy to distract the witch, so you’ll be able to take the spittoon.
63.    Go back to the road.
64.    Go to McMaster’s palace and reach the vegetable garden.
65.    Examine the old well.
66.    Use the rare sweet fruit on the spittoon.
67.    Use the rope on the bucket with a fruit in it.
68.    Use the roped bucket with a fruit in it on the old well.
69.    Go back to the road.
70.    Go to the Bighrail swamps and reach Old Ksharna the witch.
71.    Give the adorable creature to the witch.
72.    Go to the left, reaching the old machinery.
73.    Use the pulley on the broken old machinery.
74.    Use the roped bucket on the broken old machinery.
75.    Use the dark ooze on the alchemy portable set.
76.    Go back to the road.

Taking the Kuboobo’s egg

77.    Go to the Boring forest, reaching the witless bandit.
78.    Use the tarot cards on the witless bandit.
79.    Go back to the road.
80.    Go to the Stonbone Mountain, reaching the top.
81.    Examine the Kuboobo.
82.    Use the whistle on the Kuboobo: you’ll understand you’re on the right way.
83.    Use the whistle on Heimlich: he’ll say he can help you to improve it.
84.    Talk to Heimlich, telling him you’re stuck with the Kuboobo: Heimlich will tell you how to improve you’re whistle.
85.    Use the Multitool on the whistle to modify it.
86.    Use the modified whistle on the Kuboobo.
87.    Take the Kuboobo’s egg.
88.    Go back to the road.

Taking the quetz… the quatzocotl… the quetzlat…. The quectzocal….

Taking the cortex.

89.    Go to McMaster’s palace, reaching the sideway.
90.    Examine the small door in the wall. (The door will be active only after you speak with McMaster about it: see point 3 in ‘The Quest for McMaster’)
91.    Use the goat bell on the door.
92.    Talk to Borb the Homunculus; to get its gloves, the right choices are:
– Tell me about yourself.
– What do you do for him?
– I can see that!
– I’m in love with it!
– Yes! It’s the most amazing…
– I wish I was a pumpkin…
– I need your help
– Because I’d like to learn how to be as good…
93.    Go back to the road.
94.    Go to the Bighrail swamps, reaching the area just past the witch.
95.    Use the super-resilient gloves on the toxic plants.
96.    Use the toxic plants with the alchemy portable set.
97.    Use the venomous bug with the alchemy portable set.
98.    Use the green toxin with the bug poison.
99.    Go back to the road.
100.    Go to the Stonbone Mountain.
101.    Follow the path reaching the area where the large hole stands.
102.    Use the honey covered stick on the large hole.
103.    Talk to the ruined man.
104.    Take the meat on the ground.
105.    Go to the road.
106.    Go to the Boring Forest, following the path to the area where the carnivorous vine wall stands.
107.    Use the DEADLY POISON!!! On the not so fresh meat.
108.    Use the poisoned meat on the carnivorous vine wall.
109.    Use the saw on the quexcotloelux tree.

Ending of this episode

110.    Go back to the road.
111.    Go to McMaster’s palace.
112.    Ring the doorbell.
113.    Talk to McMaster and tell him you completed the task: he will ask you to solve one last puzzle to become his apprentice.
114.    To solve the puzzle, you have to be sure that in every one of the 4 cylinders, the “pressure” (the white bar) is in the “green zone” of that cylinder. To easily win, you can just click the buttons this way:
– Raise main burner
– Raise main burner
– Mixer
– Mixer
– Main burner
– Cooling system
– Cooling system
– Shaker
– Shaker
– Mixer
Remember: there are MANY ways to solve the puzzle; this is just ONE of them!

One last word

CONGRATULATIONS! You solved ATOC: Prelude!
But remember, there is something we didn’t mention in this walkthrough.
There are a few items, within the game, we never mentioned. They are not needed to complete THIS game but… maybe you could find them useful in the future.
Try to give a more accurate look around if you didn’t find it; if you did… try not to tell it around 😉
Have fun!



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